Did you know that every second a person creates an account on WhatsApp and around 1 billion users have been using WhatsApp for years?

This app is feasible for daily chats with friends and family, but it is also a valuable platform for business owners. People are likely to use WhatsApp more than once a day compared to Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms if you are running a business, whether a small-scale startup, WhatsApp Business will bring wonders to your market.

lf you still haven’t signed up for WhatsApp Business for WhatsApp marketing, we will explore how important this app could increase your market.

Scale your target market by knowing the value of a WhatsApp business account!

Ways to Do WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp has created ways for businesses to market your brand as they are looking to make more ways to market your brand.

  • Set Your Business Profile

Your complete business profile will show a clear picture of your business. Adding business information with pictures of your products is a helpful way to attract your customers. An official logo of your brand will make more engagements.

  • Create Groups, Keep Your Consumers Updated

Posting links to your latest products in WhatsApp Business groups will bring an audience and eventually increase sales. It will be handy for your customers to get all the updates on one platform.

  • Make Daily Stories to Connect your Audience

In the story section, you can build a WhatsApp marketing strategy that appeals to the consumers, as people share stories more than send pictures. This way connects you with your audience more appropriately.

  • Create WhatsApp Content and Post it in the Groups

Coming up with the idea of creating attractive posters and posting them on WhatsApp Business is another way of marketing your business.

  • Business Tools on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has introduced a tool that will help you run your business professionally.

  • Messaging Tool

WhatsApp creates a managing tool that will send greeting messages once your customer texts you. This way, your customer will feel welcomed while contacting you.

  • Catalogs

You can create a free catalog of your products on your WhatsApp business account to share the services and products you provide.

  • Chat Label

According to the nature of your business, you can label your chats and keep track of your customers. It will help you differentiate your customers even if you can make customized labels on your customer chat profile.

  • Messaging Statistics

A track on your daily messages will be seen such as, how many messages are pending and how many are delivered within the time.

  • Keep Track of Customers Reach

A daily check on customers’ queries and responses will be saved in your WhatsApp business account. WhatsApp marketing enables you to know how many customers reach you out in a day, and you can keep a record of them.

  • Customer Support

Building authentic customer support is usually a cost-consuming service, but you can do it free with WhatsApp Marketing. Your staff can quickly get back to your customers and answer their queries.

Final Thoughts

The best part of WhatsApp business is that all the marketing tools are free of cost and makes your business easily hand-able in the palm of your hand. You can keep updating  your customers  with just one click, and WhatsApp Marketing itself does the rest. Millions of brands have taken their businesses to the next level with free WhatsApp business tools. With the new WhatsApp feature, you can deliver your brand value and engage with your customers.

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