The Best Unofficial WhatsApp API
for small business & developers. 

Unlock all chat commerces with our RUM developed unofficial whatsapp API in lower operation cost. 

No Code for Chat automation

No Code to build your chatbot with RUM's unofficial WhatsApp API

Easily setup and scale a customer service team without any coding knowledge and start generating revenue right away.

Stable API

99.98% uptime

RUM’s Unofficial WhatsApp API is able to provide a much better uptime of 99.98%, ensuring that you can stay connected with your contacts at all times, regardless of the device you are using. This enhanced flexibility and reliability make RUM API an excellent choice for those who rely on WhatsApp for their personal or professional communication needs.

Support WhatsApp Group Management

RUM's unoffical WhatsApp API support group chat management

Better than Official Cloud API, whether you need to coordinate with colleagues or communicate with friends and family, the RUM unofficial whatsApp API puts the power in your hands to manage your groups effectively and efficiently.

Rich Message Type & Interactive Button and list

Empowering succeed with WhatsApp automation development.

All message types (text, location, contact, images, audio, videos, documents, or archives) are supported. RUM’s unofficial API provides an interactive message that has significantly higher response rates and conversions compared to those that are text-based.