There is not a single doubt that the WhatsApp business is filled with exciting features for both small and large-scale businesses. In fact, many businesses are raving about WhatsApp, and they consider WhatsApp as their business support channel.

From taking advantage of the more personalized communication to using the labels for the customer segmentation and then making smooth sales on WhatsApp, WhatsApp business features lead the businesses to the scaling possibilities.

WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp API is not limited to certain features, but there are also other unique features that you can use for the growth and expansion of your business.

Here are a few of our top picks in the WhatsApp business Features that you must know if you want to capitalize on this tool:

1. Business Profile

With this WhatsApp Business Feature, businesses can create a business profile and offer useful information to their customers such as business description, address, website, and email address. This feature helps the brand achieve customer loyalty. Further, the business profile offers the company identity and familiar face. With the business profile, you get a green tick next to your business name. This means WhatsApp is actually confirming that this business account is verified.

2. WhatsApp Business Statistics

This is another WhatsApp business feature where you can use the basic analytics report about the activities of your account, such as the number of messages delivered, received and read by the customers. This can help you to maintain your marketing strategy.

3. A Fast and Speedy Response System

With the Quick reply feature, you can reply quickly to your customers as this WhatsApp business feature lets you save the messages and then you can reuse them frequently and send them to different people, which helps you answer the common questions promptly.

For example, if you frequently send messages like you can pay via debit/credit card or send Via wallet like Airtel Money, Freecharge, PayTm etc. But with the quick reply feature, you can now make a shortcut for such messages.

4. Labels

 When you are running the business, one of the most crucial parts is to understand customer segmentation, which is labeling the customers and then categorizing/segmenting them into different groups for easy identification. This feature also helps you to customize your communication and services according to customers.

5. Greeting Messages

 lf you are a business and have ever managed a Facebook page, you must know the option of the message greetings. With the WhatsApp business, you can also send a greeting message.

6. Setting Away Message

Away messages are also like the greetings messages. This message can be customized and sent to the people trying to connect after your working hours. Businesses can edit their away messages and plan when they want to send the message to their customers.

7. Catalog

Last on the list is the Catalogue feature, and if you are going to set up your WhatsApp business Account for the first time, you’ll be directly directed to the catalog immediately. With this WhatsApp business feature, you can enter detailed information about your product which may include:

  • Price
  • Description
  • Product name
  • item code
  • Link

Further, with this feature, your customers can browse your products even when you leave the app, which decreases the possibility that your customers will go anywhere.

Wrapping Up

 WhatsApp business app is similar to the traditional app but with distinct and updated features. Though all the standard features available in the WhatsApp Business app like Broadcast messages, Status, groups audio and video calls etc. You can control privacy, block people and set statuses as per your convenience.


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