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Building WhatsApp Chat Commerce Solution for shopping coffee bean

Tasse Coffee’s day-to-day operations span a comprehensive spectrum of products and services for the daily coffee enthusiast, from beans to brew. This does, however, imply that they field a large number of daily enquiries on their website, ranging from bean grades and costs to course timetables.
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Having someone behind the screen answer every inquiry that comes in became impossible as their company grew. In order to streamline their day-to-day operations, we created a sorting system and dialogue flow based on user demands.
The customer service industry is one of the few that haven’t yet been significantly disrupted by new technologies, with people often preferring to deal with real human representatives instead of robot customer service agents. However, as more and more consumers start relying on instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp to communicate with businesses, chatbots are set to become a game-changer in this sector, giving businesses an opportunity to offer 24/7 live support at much lower costs than conventional phone lines or email inboxes.
This new system was created to direct client inquiries to an Excel-powered FAQ chatbot that would answer frequently asked questions and, if necessary, route specific questions to live agents via our ticketing system. Tasse Coffee was also able to keep track of and reply to inquiries with ease and efficiency thanks to the built-in follow-up notification feature, ensuring customer satisfaction through faster response times.