Service Support

A strong customer service presence can easily make or break a business’s reputation. We are passionate about your customer assistance and We work with the best professionals to provide you with the package that fits your needs and budget.

Customer Service hero

Connect Omni Channel

Maximize connected customer experiences

RumWork is able to seamlessly integrate systems and leverage opportunities with less effort by automatically displaying products and promotional events

Team Management

Organize your teams much more efficiently

Improve the efficiency of your work by using the latest and most innovative tools which are made by RumWork.

Agent Assignment

Agent Assignment

Quickly find and assign agents

Save time and effort by automating the task of assigning employees to new jobs and adding more agility to your business

Review Agent Performance

Review your service agent's performance instantly

We provide an easy to use dashboard for management enabling them to see their agents through a variety of performance metrics.

Review Agent Performance
Ticketing Management

Ticketing Management

With ease, mark off your tickets

With the fantastic ticket management solution, you can streamline your customer support depending on your company’s departments.