You must have been asked by people in your life once or twice or maybe more, “Give me your WhatsApp number” or “Are you on WhatsApp”? But have you ever been asked by someone if you are using WhatsApp for marketing?

If not, let us ask you whether you are taking enough benefit from this amazing marketing strategy. Let’s unwrap here how you can connect with your customers through WhatsApp marketing!

WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform in the world, and this marketing medium is a must-have for businesses now to connect with audiences worldwide.

The reason why WhatsApp marketing is excellent is because it allows you to stay in touch with your customers seamlessly. Also, more than half of the WhatsApp customers check the app regularly. Not only this, but your customers will also get your offers on time because text messages have a  98% open rate.

Not convinced enough? Keep on reading to know more!

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp marketing is a kind of messenger marketing in which businesses promote their brands with the help of WhatsApp. This simple medium helps the brand reach a vast audience, create a strong relationship with the customers and enhance sales.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing

Here are a few of the benefits of WhatsApp marketing that give you a basic idea of how you can amp up your business with this medium.

  • Keep Your Personal and Business Profile Separate

With the help of the WhatsApp business app, you can keep your business and personal lives separate. Easily showcase a more formal and professional side of your business while giving it a more personalized touch with the WhatsApp business features.

  • Deepest Relationships with Customers

WhatsApp marketing is a bulletproof strategy nowadays for making strong and profound relationships with customers. It provides customers with a strong set of opportunities for customization. For example, you can send special offers, personalized messages like a welcome message or birthday congratulations etc., to your customers.

  • Enhanced Sales

No need for a magic wand for your business sales when we have WhatsApp marketing! The trick is simple: just add your WhatsApp number on your website/social media and be ready to generate more leads.

  • Lower Cost of Marketing

WhatsApp is a comparably low-cost marketing channel where you can entice your small and medium-scale business easily free of cost.

Tips for Using the WhatsApp Marketing

Few of the tips for using WhatsApp marketing effectively:

  1. Define your Goals and KPIs

If you have started working on your WhatsApp marketing strategy, determine your marketing objectives. Start by finding your weak spots and revising your marketing funnel. Also, try to think of your business goals that you can align with your WhatsApp marketing strategy. Further, list down your KPIs to understand if you’ve met your goals.

  1. Capitalize Through Cross-Platform

With this platform, you can reach social networks and people who are not following you on your social media.

  1. Take Benefit of the Power of Groups

WhatsApp enables you to make 256 group members. With the group function, you can generate a collective chat in which all members can interact. Further, WhatsApp groups are also amazing for sales events or sharing particular information with customers.

  1. Make Broadcast Lists

You can make a list related to the particular topic and increase communications that are designed to increase engagement by making broadcast lists.  For instance, you can include links or invitations in your messages.

WhatsApp Marketing Example-Unilever

Brazil Unilever launched its WhatsApp Business Campaign by putting thousands of posters all around the city of Sao Paola. The posters encouraged the users to get in touch with their WhatsApp numbers.

So when people sent them a message, they were put in touch with their WhatsApp chatbot called “MadameBot.” She basically gives the people tricks and tips on how to care for the clothes and then uses this opportunity to introduce Unilever’s new products.

And the result: In the first 12 hours alone, more than 6,000 users engaged with MadameBot and by the end of this campaign, 290,000 messages had been sent and received. Therefore, the company saw a skyrocket in sales during this period.

Hopefully, you liked this informative piece and are ready to use the result-oriented WhatsApp marketing strategy!

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