Just as we ended understanding and absorbing the rise of e-commerce, a new concept of Chat Commerce emerged. Not only has it emerged successfully, but also it is taking the place of e- commerce itself.

Chat commerce refers to online buying and selling through conversational apps. It makes online businesses even simpler and easier. Using large chat platforms like WhatsApp for all kinds of customer services, chat commerce is getting more recognition. And taking the opportunity, WhatsApp has introduced a separate platform called “WhatsApp Business”.

Chat Commerce Through WhatsApp Business

Businesses, especially the smaller ones, are choosing Chat Commerce through WhatsApp Business to communicate with their clients and buyers. Opting for this free source of communication saves them from buying web domains or investing in online stores. Just a simplified WhatsApp account will do everything like selling, payments, and delivery.

lf you own a small company or have just launched a new brand, or if you are looking for getting more audience for your already established business, this article is definitely for you. Just stay here till the end, so you are all ready to start your new WhatsApp Business  profile for chat com merce.


Features that Make WhatsApp Business Stand Out Among All

Below is a list of features that actively promote Chat Commerce through  WhatsApp Business.

  1. Business Profile

With the new Business platform, it is no more a problem to keep your personal and professional communications separated. Download WhatsApp Business for free and add all required information for your customers like details about your business, offers and availability, contact details, and pin location.

      2. Instant Messaging

For common queries of your potential customers, you can always save templates for those queries. This way, you can have a quick communication with the buyers.

      3. Auto Messages

WhatsApp Business has another interesting feature of Auto messaging, through  which  you can send the first introductory message or a greeting to your  new customers. This will  make you look more professional, and the communication may go a long way.

       4. Away Message

This feature would help you stay connected even after your working  hours have ended. You can set a decent message for guiding your customers about how long the y should wait or how they can reach you instantly. This way, you will never lose any potential clients, which is very important for the growth of your business.

       5. Label Contacts

One of the roost prominent features of WhatsApp Business is labeling your contacts according to your own needs. You can organize your contacts for your own ease. You can also prioritize the contacts to manage deliveries and payments. This way, you will never lose track of your work.


lf you are a product manufacturer with multiple selling items, or a home chef with exciting  deals on the menu, you can build an eye-appealing catalog on your profile. This will save your customers from being redirected to other sites or pages. They will just see your catalogs right there and place their orders.


 In these times of  the hustle and  bustle, everyone  wants their job done with minimum effort.   Now, even visiting multiple sites and pages feels too much; forget about visiting the locations. Especially after the period of the pandemic, people have made their lives unimaginably digital.

So, it is always better to keep pace with time and grow. Hence, growing your business through WhatsApp Business will benefit you like anything. C hat commerce is not the future anymore. It has become a part of the present!


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